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Week Two - Looking In

George Bailey gets a wonderful gift of seeing what the world would have been like without him in it.  We live an “incarnational” faith – the belief that, like Jesus, our faith is not just an idea, but it gets lived out in our actions in the world.  This Sunday, October 9, we integrate money and meaning by looking in at the courageous vision for our presence and impact in the world.  This is the bedrock for how we “spend” our assets – time, energy, and money – so that we approach the life we have left with attentiveness and intentionality to making it a “wonder-full” life.

Worship Opportunities

9am Worship Service

Start your Sunday morning off with a spirited traditional style worship service.  This service is led by clergy and lay people.  The first Sunday of each month, children and youth help lead the worship service.  Communion is also served on the first Sunday of each month.  Worship music, scripture, prayer, poetry, artistic moments and visual arts are included in this worship service.  This service is casual in nature.

11am Worship Service

A more formal but spirited traditional service enhanced with worship music, liturgies, prayers and communion (served on the first Sunday of each month) meets every Sunday at 11 am.  This service is led by clergy and worship leaders.  Clergy and choir wear robes for this worship service.

11am Parables Worship Service

Parables is a worship service for all abilities, particularly designed for those on the wider spectrum of neurodiversity and/or bodydiversity, or what has been sometimes termed “special needs” – though every need is simply a human one.  We believe that the most “special need” we all have is to have a place we know we belong – where people genuinely see us and value who we are in all our uniqueness.  Parables invites active, informal participation from those in attendance and is often called the “No Shushing Zone.”  Special features include: sensory headphones and fidgets, spirit scarves for Passing the Peace and dancing, visual schedule board, and a theraphy dog or two.  The program’s predictable format each week helps to create a welcoming space for worship, especially for those whose cognitive differences allow them to engge in the church experience more spontaneously.  At Parables we celebrate the gifts of life’s interruptions as a way to find Jesus!

Summer Worship

Summer Worship Hours – 10 am every Sunday

(Memorial Day through Labor Day)

Chelsea First offers a spirited traditional style of worship.  Communion is offered on the first Sunday of each month.  The communion table is open to all who wish to partake.  Services are led by clergy, lay people and features worship music, scripture and stories of connection.  Summer worship services are casual.

Chelsea First

Our church culture

Chelsea First United Methodist Church (Chelsea First) is a Christ-centered congregation with a positive, open, and engaging spirit. We are a church for everyone, at all seasons of life, and bring a grounded, engaged, and supportive approach to Christian worship while working passionately toward making a positive impact in our community.

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